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Chesterfield sofa in fabric

You have undoubtedly seen a Chesterfield sofa, and if you have ever sat on such a sofa, you know that it is not just about looks. After all, a Chesterfield sofa is also very comfortable; comfort and style come together. What do you think about having such a sofa in your own home, but in fabric? It could be in the living room, or also as part of a stylishly furnished office space. A Chesterfield sofa stands for style, class and comfort, so you will always make a great choice.

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A Chesterfield; sofa modern and timeless

Originally Chesterfield is British, and that classic English style is still reflected in contemporary Chesterfield furniture. A Chesterfield sofa can therefore be an original classic in its appearance, but more contemporary versions are also available; modern and timeless at the same time! Whatever your taste, finding a sofa in Chesterfield is guaranteed.

In the past, the original leather sofas were only available in dark brown leather. Nowadays however, the Chesterfield sofas are also available in fabric for all enthusiasts. The Chesterfield Original is one of the top models in our fabric collection. The furniture fabric, processed by 'The Chesterfield Brand', is a strong and low maintenance polyester fabric with a Martindale value of 100,000. This upholstery fabric is extremely suitable for sofas and other lounge furniture, and has a wonderful look and feel!

At House of Chesterfield you can select Chesterfield sofas from our standard range. Chesterfield sofas are made to order. Another colour or model is possible with our partner

All Chesterfield sofas come with a Certificate of Authenticity and transferable Premium Warranty.

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