Chesterfield Maintenance with Leather Cream

Practical information about leather and care advice for House of Chesterfield furniture. Leather is an authentic natural product. Depending on the finish, leather is generally user-friendly and easy to maintain. Caring for your leather with Leather Care Bio Cream four times a year is usually enough to keep it in optimal condition.

The cream is a leather cleaner and leather protector in one. The Leather Care Bio Cream is a set of 2 jars and 2 sponges.

The cream is a leather cleaner and leather protector in one.
  • Stains are easy to clean.
  • Self-glossing means no need to buff or polish.
  • Colourless, and can therefore be used for all leather colours.
  • Has a drying time of one minute - optimal protection against oil, water and grease stains.
  • The Original Chesterfield Leather Care Bio Cream was developed especially for use on Chesterfield furniture, but is also suitable for other leather articles.

 Instructions for use:

  • Apply Leather Care Cream using the sponge.
  • Let it dry for one minute.
  • Buffing out is not necessary.



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